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​A Complete 
Wellness &

By combining the most anticipated wellness product in over 15 years with a complete marketing solution you will have the opportunity to change your life and the lives of thousands. 

a few of the OVER 40 benefits you may experience
while taking Somaderm.

You may experience significant fat loss*

Some people have reported weight loss especially around their mid-section.

Possible enhanced muscle mass*

Many scientific studies have shown that HGH increases lean body mass. 

You may see improvement in mood, energy & memory*

Clinical studies show that HGH may impact these attributes.

You might have improved sleep*

Many report for the first time in years they are able to sleep the entire night.

May improve healing, recovery & flexibility*

Can induce increases of white blood cells and stimulates bacteria fighting macrophages.

It may alleviate joint pain*

Studies have demonstrated successful moderate-duration pain relief of joints.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

HGH plays a significant role in helping our bodies regenerate new cells.

As we age our pituitary gland continually lessens the production of HGH, our cells die off, and our bodies don’t produce new cells anymore. Hence we get old.

Our muscles weaken, our bones get brittle, our skin gets wrinkles, our organs don’t work as they once did. Our energy goes downs, and our brains don’t function like they used to.

If we could continuously be reproducing new cells, imagine how the quality of our lives could change. 

3 Ways to Get HGH

The 1st way is to go to any nutrition store and pay $99-$139 for HGH in pill or capsule form. Pills are not effective because your saliva and stomach acid interferes with how your body processes.

The 2nd way is to go to a doctor and get injections prescribed to you. Injections can cost thousands of dollars and insurance will not cover this unless you have a severe medical problem.

The 3rd way is to get the only FDA registered transdermal form of HGH that is available, which is called Somaderm gel. This HGH gel works by getting into the pores of your skin, moving into your bloodstream and working on a molecular level to produce more cells.

Cost and Benefits

The cost to buy HGH pill at a nutrition store is $99-$139, but the effectiveness of these pills is questionable.

Doctors injections could cost $1,000's of dollars.

Somaderm is $144 a month which comes to less than $5 a day. If you want to try Somaderm New U Life offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn how to get your product paid for, I can show you how to do that. Just email Endlessyouth123@gmail.com

So, if there is the potential that this product may help you with wellness issues, isn’t it worth giving it a try for a few months? I think HGH is a key ingredient in keeping our all-around health. Reproduction of new cells may help with many health issues.

happy Somaderm Users

Roman Oben
12 Year NFL Veteran & Super Bowl Champion

Roman Oben, a Super Bowl champion, knows what it's like to have aches and pains after a highly successful career in the NFL that spanned over a decade. Hear why he believes in this product. 

Paul Scott
Houston, TX

Meet Paul Scott, a man who was a bundle of health issues stemming from pain, mobility, insomnia, inability to perform at work or to be fully involved with his family at home. Watch as Paul who started HGH with no expectations, emotionally describe how his entire quality of life has dramatically improved.

Toni Fuller
Dickinson, TX

Toni Fuller spends many long hours driving her truck and knows the stiffness, pain and energy drain caused by being confined in that cramped space. Listen as she describes the pure joy of simply getting out of her truck and so much more.

a Completely Done-For-You Marketing Machine

By joining New U Life through this website, you can have an automated marketing system where an online sales funnel is used to recruit leads into your new New U Life business. The sales funnel will work much like this one does. Your link to your New U Life business will be rotated inside the funnel. when a prospect clicks on your link and signs up to New U Life you will get the recruit and commission!  

You will also receive a team of sales professionals that help close the sales for you!

The Team Builders Sales Funnel will automatically recruit people into your new New U Life business. Leads will be fed into your sales funnel through websites that use SEO, paid traffic, and Facebook campaigns.

We also provide a membership site where you will learn how to drive even more leads into your sales funnel.

It doesn't matter what you skill level or experience is. All the tools needed to build your New U Life business are provided to you. 

About Us

A group of Direct Sales Professionals have gotten together to formulate a solution that would empower people, who previously had no recruiting or sales experience, to find targeted leads and then motivate them to join business opportunities. Hundreds who had never had success before, were finally able to make commissions on product and service sales.

The formula they created was simple:

A Great Product + An Effective Marketing System = $$$

Using internet marketing strategies, they developed a system used by several companies to generate over $400 million in sales.

There is no need to develop strategies, sales funnels, web sites, prospecting, or selling skills to recruit people into your NewULife business. This is all done for you.

We'll set up your sales funnel,
so you can focus on building your business.

The most important things that you can do in your new NewULife business is to work on becoming an authority and to build relationships with prospects and your new recruits.

By communicating with and helping your prospects and new team members, you build a relationship and create loyalty. When you build loyalty your retention rates remain very high. High retention rates equal more residual income for you. 

Stop Recruiting

No more chasing friends and family members to look at your newest deal.

Stop Burning Money

No more wasting hard earned cash trying to recruit unqualified leads.

Stop Cold Calling

No more calling cold lead lists that really don't want to be bothered.

An unfair way to make money?

Do you want to know the secret to making more income? You can leverage a sales strategy that will help you increase your sales and monthly cash flow by creating your own profitable sales funnel and driving leads to it.

Imagine living your dream life, achieving what you most want. Getting out of bed when you want, living how you want, where money is no object.

Do you want to make more money now?

Here's the BIG secret...

With an automated sales funnel you can make a LOT of money. 

Joining NewULife and using this proven sales funnel will create leverage which then results in increased residual wealth. The truth of the matter is that NewULife is a great company to join and now you can now take full advantage of this opportunity and the “done for you” aspect of our recruiting system. This will save you countless hours of trying to do it all yourself. 

How Does This Work?

In order to effectively market your business opportunity online you must add something of value.

What could be more valuable than offering your new team members a service that helps them sponsor new people into their business?

  1. Your New U Life link will be plugged into a sales funnel.
  2. Leads will be driven into this funnel.
  3. A Sales Rep will respond to emails from your leads.
  4. The Sales Rep will follow up with prospects. 
  5. We'll work hard to close the sales for you.
  6. You make money.

Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to make money?

I have some good news for you.

If you have been searching for a simple way to earn additional income, you finally have found a business opportunity and a  marketing system where anyone can make money.

We make sales and recruit for you by:

  • Offering you a great business opportunity.
  • Plugging you into a sales funnel, much like this one.
  • Driving traffic into the new funnel.
  • check
    Communicating with prospects.
  • check
    Closing the sales.

Sales Funnel

What is an online sales funnel? To put it simply, website visitors enter the funnel by going to a website where they are encouraged to take an action which will ultimately lead them to join your New U Life business.

To successfully recruit online the prospect must be taken to a place where there’s a mental process they go through before making a purchase. The best way to facilitate that buying decision is by using a sales funnel. The funnel keeps prospects engaged with a logical sequence of actions and micro-commitments, and even more importantly, it sets the right context so they feel confident to buy from your New U Life link.

A well designed sales funnel makes a critical connection, builds credibility, and ultimately creates a desire to join New U Life. It makes the prospect want the end result badly enough to pull their credit card out of their pocket and enter it into an order form.

A well built sales funnel builds trust, confidence, and gets the leads contact information so that we can follow-up with them later. Pair the sales funnel with targeted traffic, and it’s a killer way to convert prospects into buying customers.

We plug you into a complete sales funnel which includes a unique domain name, landing page, web site with sales copy, contact forms, traffic statistics, and a personal responder - a sales rep who responds when a form is submitted.

The sales funnel presents your New U Life business and this recruiting service. This is a complete copy and paste marketing solution.

Every expert preaches the importance of a duplicable system - you have found a system that anyone can effectively use. 

The people that you sponsor into New U Life will also have use of the Team Builders Marketing System. This will allow you to build a large team that will produce even more income for you!

This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Your New U Life business opportunity will be on complete autopilot. The result will be that you can make more money with this system than you ever have before.

The end result is an extremely efficient and highly tuned machine that can literally go on indefinitely. It works for EVERYONE!

You don't have to sell anything, your sales funnel does the work which puts your financial freedom within your grasp.


Since the source of traffic to your sales funnel is as important as the sales process, we spend a lot of time finding targeted leads. Whe use lead generation methods that yield the best results for business opportunity recruiting. SEO, co-marketing, Facebook, Instagram, website contact forms, webinars, emails, landing pages, surveys, special offers, blogs, and other social media are among the ways we generate these targeted leads.

Because we know the players and rules of the traffic game we can deliver visitors to your site. We know the secret to getting precisely targeted, high quality leads into your sales funnel which will help you create paid signups into your business opportunity. When these leads decide to join New U Life by clicking on your affiliate link, you get the recruits and commissions.

Sales Rep

How much would it cost per month to hire a sales professional that will contact your prospects to explain your New U Life opportunity, answer any questions they may have, and close the sale? $1,000, or more per month? We provide this service for a fraction of the cost.

Our Sales Reps will learn about your opportunity and convey that information and answer any questions the prospect may have.

Your Sales Rep will help prospects by being a consultant, not a salesperson. It's more beneficial for you, and the prospect, if salespersons evaluate problems and work with prospect to solve these issues, instead of trying to sell. A prospect will get turned off if a salesperson only seems interested in helping themselves, not helping them. 

Contact a Sales Rep

Ask a Sales Rep any questions you have and we'll get back with you as soon as possible.

HOW much?


For $199 you get

  • One Bottle of NewULife Somaderm HGH.
  • One year membership and website.
  • Access to NewULife resources and training.

Team Builders Marketing System

For $25 per month you get

  • Done for you sales funnel.
  • Sales Rep who sells for you.
  • Organic Google traffic.
  • check
    Facebook traffic.
  • check
    Rotated Link to your NewULife Website.

A Complete Recruiting solution

  • 1
    ​​​​An Incredible Product: The only FDA transdermal form of HGH out there.
  • 2
    An Automated Marketing System: A completely done for you sales funnel.
  • 3
    We Sell & Recruit For You: Sales Reps contact prospects and close the sales. 

In order to take advantage of this incredible system, complete the following two steps


Sign up to NewULife using the button below!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

New U Life offers 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee on all products.

If for any reason whatsoever, even for no reason at all you wish to return your product(s), New U Life will arrange a return label to ship the product back to us, and you will be refunded 100% of your money, cost, tax, shipping charges in full to the payment method you used at check out.

This policy is in effect for 30 days after you place your order. If you wish to return your product(s) after 30 days please call (844)510-6398 or email support@newulife.com and New U Life will work on a satisfactory resolution.


Sign up to Team Builders Marketing System using the button below!

Somaderm Gel Is the Best Way
To Get HGH Into Your System

Pills are ineffective because your stomach acid will harm HGH.

Injections can cost thousands of dollars.

Somaderm has the benefits of injections for a low price! 

After the initial $199 purchase (which includes one month of product), Somaderm is $144 a month which comes to less than $5 a day, and New U life offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee...

"I believe HGH is key to keeping our all-around health.”

-HGH Joe

P.S.: If you have any questions about New U Life or Somaderm please contact me at: 412-913-7785 or email Endlessyouth123@gmail.com and I'll get get back to you as soon as I can. I want you to experience all of the benefits of HGH that I have experienced.

I see so many women who pay $100-$150 for a haircut plus pay to get nails and pedicures as well of the cost of makeup just to look good. I also see construction workers, nurses, businessmen and women who walk into convenience stores every morning grabbing their junk food, sodas, energy drinks, coffee and are dropping $15 a day on this stuff and not thinking twice about it. So if you can get a product that may benefit your health, the way you feel, the way you look. Isn’t it worth $5 a day? I say absolutely yes.

A Complete Sales System 

  • Your affiliate link is plugged into a sales funnel that is already generating sales right now!
  • We have highly qualified, friendly, and experienced sales reps.
  • You can cancel at any time if your not satisfied with our service.

Check Out Our Special Offer!

When you join New U Life by Clicking the button found below, the Team Builders Marketing System price will be decreased to just $25 per month! (Regular price is $79.00 per month).

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New U Life Business Opportunity


  • check
    Includes one month of the Somaderm HGH Gel
  • check
    Includes one year use of your affiliate website
  • check
    Includes resources and training material

Team Builders Marketing System 


  • check
    Includes your affiliate link plugged into our marketing system
  • check
    Includes traffic (leads) sent into the sales funnel
  • check
    Includes Sales Reps who contact the prospects

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